If You’re Looking for a Newborn Photographer in Toronto, Here’s Some Hot Tips on How to Plan Your Photography Session

July 6, 2023

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advice from a Newborn photographer in Toronto – When to book your photography sessions

I adore capturing people at all stages of life but there’s something extra special about photographing families when new life is due to – or indeed has already – arrived in the world. 

My maternity, newborn and baby photography shoots are all relaxed, laid-back and completely led by you and your little one. Newborn and baby sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, and I highly encourage any siblings/pets to join in! 

I regularly travel between Canada and Scotland so I recommend getting in touch well ahead of your due date to secure a shoot date. From maternity through to older baby sessions, read on for my handy booking guide. 

All accompanied by images from a recent at home newborn shoot in Toronto with beautiful Marlie.

newborn photos of mother holding baby by newborn photographer toronto ontario

Maternity photography sessions

I adore maternity shoots. This is such a significant and life changing event, and I firmly believe it’s worth documenting. 

I suggest having your session from mid to towards the end of your pregnancy. Anytime between 26 and 36 weeks is perfect. You’ll have a lovely, pronounced bump but won’t be feeling uncomfortable. 

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and book in for your maternity shoot as soon as you can. I recommend making your booking around 4-6 weeks out from the shoot date. That way I’m more likely to have availability, we can get your date booked in and you can relax knowing that it’s in the calendar.

newborn photos of mother holding baby by newborn photographer toronto ontario

Newborn photography

Ahhh newborns! They are at their littlest and sleepiest in the first week or two of being earthside. Now, (not so) surprisingly newborns grow relatively fast and by week 5 they’re far more awake and alert to their surroundings. We might even get some smiles at this point! 

I photograph newborns anywhere from Fresh48 – their absolute tiniest and snooziest – right through to 6 weeks old. Get in touch well before your due date, that way I can get you scheduled in and we’ll talk about how soon you would like your baby photographed.

mother holds baby as sister looks on during newborn photographer toronto baby photoshoot in mississauga ontario

6-8 month baby photography sessions with newborn photographer Toronto

I love this time in a baby’s life! Chubby leg rolls, gummy smiles and they might even have mastered sitting up. 

Their personality is really shining through by now. They’ll be far more interactive with you (and my camera!) and there’ll be plenty of cuddles and giggles. 

For these sessions I recommend getting in touch when they’re around 4-5 months old, that will ensure plenty of time to get a date sorted and get you booked in.

Are you looking for a maternity or newborn photographer in Toronto? Please get in touch so we can have a chat about your plans!

If you’re looking for a maternity or newborn photographer in Toronto, I’d love to help! Get in touch here today. Or if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out more newborn blog posts here.


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