There’s nothing I love more than women celebrating and supporting other women, and that’s what these sessions are all about. Photographs of ourselves are many things; they’re keepsakes & memories, reminders of happy or important moments, they’re also empowering. Intimates are one of my favourite kind of sessions to do because of how my clients feel when they see themselves through imagery. It’s a celebration!



I was born in Mississauga before my parents moved further north, but have been calling Toronto home for years. It’s such an incredible and vibrant city – I love that I can try a different ethnic food every day of the week, listen to live music regularly and see a beautiful blend of cultures, art and history. I love exploring and travel Canada often, so if you’re in a different part of the country to me, that’s no problem, I’ll come to you!

When I met my Scottish husband on St. Patrick’s day in Dublin, Ireland, back in 2012, I couldn’t imagine that I would one day be calling the mysterious Scotland home. Family means everything to my husband and I, and because we’re an international couple, calling just one place home didn’t feel right. I cover everything from tiny elopements on the Isle of Skye to city wedding all over the U.K.


Scottish Highlands

I can come to you or you can come to me, or we can both go to a location together (hello intimates on the beach!). We’ll chat, listen to music, and have a good ol’ party for a full hour. I love incorporating elements of your personality and aspects of your life into our sessions to make them truly unique. Maybe you wind down while playing guitar with a bottle of beer, or you love to paint while listening to 80’s ballads, or maybe your favourite thing to do is to hangout in your birthday suit, reading the morning paper. Your sessions are individual and one of a kind, just like you are.