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October 8, 2019


How did you find your Intimate Lifestyle Portraits Session with me? Was it enjoyable? Nerve-wracking? Exciting? All of the above?

I found the experience on a whole fantastic fun. I had been working on my fitness and targeting specific body areas so it was definitely a ‘triumphant’ experience for me to really show off the hard work. You can’t really see the ‘results’ under layers of clothes so I was excited and proud to flaunt a little. I was a little nervous but you definitely put me at ease, as well as your team of fab ladies. I didn’t experience one moment of awkwardness. There was a great balance of professionalism softened with a spirit of camaraderie amongst the girls.

What was your favourite moment of the session?

I think my favourite moment was when you exclaimed…’you look f’ing amazing’…I thought..’HA! this must be good..she’s a-cussing!’ It definitely gave me a big boost to really keep going and push myself and to try for some more poses and tap a bit more into the moment and go with the flow instead of being reserved. 

To someone who’s on the fence about booking an Intimate Lifestyle Portrait session, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them if they’ve thought about it- more than once- than do it. If it’s caught your attention then there is obviously a desire there. Whether that desire is self-confidence, a gift for another or a gift to yourself. Maybe to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Or just to literally ‘expose’ the person within. Any and all reasons are the only ones needed! And at the end of the day, they are for you- no one has to see them. They can be your Billboard to the world or just your happy little secret. They are also so classy and dignified (I showed my mother – in- law even!) that you’ll just feel beautiful when you look at them. Any cliches around ‘boudoir’ shoots aren’t true in this space- it definitely is NOT a traditional boudoir session. 

Would you recommend doing an Intimate Portrait session?

I absolutely would recommend doing it! I was going through quite a personally challenging time in life and doing these sessions were my way of saying  ‘I can be stripped of the person I thought I was and yet-there’s my smile and my laugh and my crows feet and my stretch marks but hey…they’re mine and they tell my story- there I am! My joy is still here’. That’s true across all facets of life. Sometimes we’re exposed and vulnerable but it doesn’t mean we can’t still shine or be bad-ass through it all. Just because you’re ‘naked’ doesn’t mean you can’t be strong, confident and true to your authentic self. That’s what I see when I look my images now- a stripped back version of me smiling, laughing and honestly just ‘ME’. I love them! 


MUA – Jade Koemans | Assistant MUA – Carla Jane | Wardrobe – Bluebella Lingerie

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