Wedding Planner Q & A: Ella Mai Weddings

October 3, 2019


Recently engaged and asking yourselves “Now what?!”. Dive into our Wedding Planner Q & A series, where I’ll be asking some of my favourite wedding planners (and other suppliers!) all those questions you’re dying to ask but are too scared/polite to actually say (like why are you so expensive?). I’m excited to kick off the series with Scotland Wedding Planner Ella Mai!

Tell me a bit about yourself and your business!

I am Ella and was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands but I grew up in New Zealand from the age of 7 which has created a very authentic accent! I have always loved being organised and being creative, so wedding planning is the ultimate job (if I can even call it a job!).

I started ‘Ella Mai Elopements & Stylist’ to create luxury elopements for the wild souls. Adventure, plus passion and true romance equals one heck of a wedding day. Plus, doing all this in Scotland? Priceless. Not only am I here to help plan and create your incredible wedding day, I’m here to make sure you have the best experiences too and showcasing what Scotland has to offer!

What’s your favourite thing about being a wedding planner?

The couples I get to meet! And the locations I get to work at! Oh, and creating extraordinary experiences. I love everything about being a wedding planner, I really do have the best job in the world!

Why hire a wedding planner for elopements and intimate weddings?

If you’re planning a wedding from afar, it can be hard work with knowing the legalities, knowing who to trust regarding suppliers, venues and where the perfect place for your Scottish elopement is. You want to make sure that your experience is totally effortless and enjoyable and a wedding planner can do just that for you. They are your eyes and ears for everything relating to your wedding and to make sure it is perfect.

Even if you aren’t planning from afar, having a person who has insider knowledge can save you a lot of time and effort plus can really take the stress load off you if you lead a busy lifestyle!

But I can do it so much cheaper myself! Why do you charge so much?

Yes and no. Yes, you can do it by yourselves but a wedding planner takes away that stress and the ‘not so fun’ parts of planning your wedding (like chasing up suppliers etc.). The reason I charge what I do is because of the time and dedication I put into making sure you have the best day of your life. I only take on a select few weddings a year which means I have the time to give my very all to every unique wedding. Plus it has taken a lot of research to make sure you have the very finest suppliers, which, with my experience and invaluable knowledge, takes a great wedding day to an extraordinarily amazing day.

What is your best advice for couples who are currently planning their wedding?

No matter what, always be true to you. Far too often I see couples who feel they must do things a certain way. But the most fun and exciting weddings are when the couple are free to be themselves, in a location that resonates with them and celebrating their love for one another, it becomes truly magical.

What are your wedding ‘must-haves’?

I think as long as you have your partner, a killer dress (or suit!), some wild florals and a pair of hiking boots you have everything you need to pull off an amazing elopement. Throw in some delicious food and cocktails, you can’t ask for any more!

Check out Ella Mai Weddings’ blog for tips on Eloping in Scotland, plus more images of these beautiful souls I had the pleasure of capturing while working with Ella Mai in Scotland this year. If you’re interested in my photography services check out more info on my Elopement Photography page.

Thanks for reading! If you want more candid interviews with vendors and suppliers check back soon as the series continues!

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