Everything You Need to Know About At Home Maternity Photography in Toronto

June 22, 2023

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Maternity photography, Toronto – why have an at home maternity session?

Maternity is a time that fully deserves to be documented – and a time that you should be celebrated! Your body is doing amazing things – growing, changing and nurturing new life. It’s incredible. 

Those final months before your baby arrives are so special, within weeks your family will change forever, you’ll have a new member in your midst and your heart will fill with more love than you ever thought possible. 

This can also be a time of change, worry and uncertainty. I completely get that, which is why I love photographing maternity sessions at home. The place you feel most secure and comfortable, a familiar setting where you are free to be yourself. 

I offer at home maternity sessions across Scotland, Toronto and Ontario. Couples absolutely love the results and how laidback the shoot itself was. But I know that there can be a few common concerns ahead of my maternity shoots, read on to put your mind at ease!

All accompanied by images from Alex’s recent at home maternity session.

man and pregnant woman pose together on a bed below two framed pictures for maternity photography toronto pregnancy photos
maternity photography toronto pregnancy photoshoot showing a heavily pregnant woman reclining on a bed holding her baby bump in mississauga GTA ontario

Will I need to do a big house tidy ahead of my at home shoot?

No! Definitely not. I know that time can be precious at this point as you prepare for your baby so please don’t feel that you need to do a big clean. 

Just a simple tidy in a couple of rooms is more than enough. I’ll be using the spaces in your home with lovely window light, like the sitting room or bedroom. I never focus on the background or the room itself (and if there is anything in ‘the way’ then I will happily shove it behind a sofa or move it so it’s not in shot!)

I’m not feeling my best right now, I don’t know if I’ll feel confident in front of the camera

This is completely normal, and something all mums to be tell me ahead of their shoot. 

The only thing I can say to that one day, in the not too distant future, we’ll look back on our younger selves with much kinder eyes. 

This is an incredible moment in your life and it goes by so fast. Those memories should be captured, exactly as they are. 

All that being said, one of the perks of being in your home during the shoot is that you’ll feel at your most relaxed and comfortable there. Surrounded by familiar comforts. This is your safe space. You’ll have your whole wardrobe at hand if you feel like changing and any hair or makeup products will be there if you want a touch up. 

maternity photography toronto pregnancy photoshoot showing a heavily pregnant woman standing between a bed and a window holding her baby bump in mississauga GTA ontario

What should I wear? 

Comfort, first and foremost! This is my best advice. If you’re not feeling like ‘you’ then you won’t feel happy in front of my camera. 

The focus is on you and your bump, so anything that shows that off is perfect. It could be a t-shirt, a dress, just your underwear or even nude. If you feel good in it then you’re going to look amazing in it. 

And, finally, I’ll leave you with my top three reasons to have an at home maternity shoot with me. 

  • Comfort! We are never more relaxed, comfortable and fully ourselves than when we are at home. 
  • Plenty of time and space to change, do make up and hair touch ups and take a break if needed. My shoots are led by you, if you want a moment then just say. 
  • You can be fully yourself. Which will lead to an intimate and laid back session, allowing me to create beautiful photographs that you can look back on for years to come.

Are you planning your maternity photography in Toronto? I’d love to help – get in touch, let’s chat!

Have any questions about planning your maternity photography in Toronto? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help! Or if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out more maternity blog posts here.

woman stands in front of curtain holding baby bump during maternity photography toronto pregnancy photoshoot

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