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I’m so glad you’re here; whether you stumbled upon my page or came here with the intention of booking, welcome. These sessions are for any and everyone, and you and your body deserve to be documented through beautiful images. Ready? I know I am!


toronto BOUDOIR photography

Calling these sessions Boudoir never felt right for me; the term often gives off certain connotations, often negative, when they're anything but. These sessions are all about documenting, encapsulating and preserving who you are, right now. They can be done in your own home, outdoors, or a hotel/airbnb, whatever fits your vibe. Our bodies are beautiful, unique and tell the story of our life.  Your session should be the same; no copy + paste poses or styling.  Your own unique session. 

Boudoir, but different

Tell me more!

Pricing, clear and simple

pricing that's different from the norm

1-2 hrs session
tax already included
all the pictures are yours

$975 / £595


As Moira from Schitt’s Creek once said

“Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, “oh I’m too spooky” or “nobody wants to see these tiny boobies”, but believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say “dear god, I was a beautiful thing”.”

What if I’m on my period?

I totally understand anyone who doesn’t feel at their best at that time. Everyone struggles differently whether it’s PCOS or endometriosis, to light cramping and bloating (and everything in between). If you feel comfortable shooting during, then I’m all for it; strings and hormonal acne can be removed in post editing. However if you absolutely cannot shoot during, there is a one time free postponement. If you’re able through tracking, I suggest forward planning to predict your time of the month (I recommend the Period Tracker or Flo app) when looking to schedule your session with me.

Do you do heavy retouching when you edit (ie slimming, removing stretch marks, etc.)

The short answer is no; I fully believe that the body and skin that we’re in is something to cherish and celebrate, so I do not retouch apart from temporary marks on the skin (acne/spots, a bruise, etc.) unless specifically requested.

I’m nervous, but I REALLY want to do a session!

I feel you! I’m nervous and awkward in front of the camera, and that’s okay! It’s normal and is also the reason why I have ‘bite sized’ sessions - something to dip your toe into. We all need time to warm up, and I promise it’s never as scary as you think it will be. We will chat, laugh, and most importantly we'll have fun!

You have questions,
I have answers

Do you photograph members of the LGBTQ+?

YES, absolutely! It's a safe space, and anyone + everyone is welcome.

Do you offer albums or prints?

I certainly do! In addition to Polaroid Only sessions, I offer two different sized albums - a 6x8 and a 10x10. I also offer prints and wooden boxes to house them in and keep your images safe.

Can you do a session at my home?

Absolutely! We often feel most comfortable, and thus confident, in our own familiar surroundings. I love shooting in other people’s homes and is a great way to document the space you love and live in.

Can I bring a friend?

Sometimes three’s a crowd, so my general rule of thumb is No. If however there is a specific reason why, let me know and we can talk about it!

When will I receive my gallery

4-6 weeks is my turnaround time and you’ll receive an email link to a beautiful online gallery that also doubles as a Cloud base storage for all your beautiful files! You can download directly from there, and print and share if you’d like

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