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June 24, 2021



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I’m glad you’ve found my blog – this is part of a series of blog posts to help newly engaged couples plan their wedding, whether it’s big or intimate, an elopement or destination wedding.  In these posts, I list reasons why I like a supplier – in this case, a venue – as well as list nearby vendors and other helpful tips.  

I hope these blogs help you discover places you might not have heard of before and can help you on your wedding planning journey!  If you ever have any questions, I’m an open book and would love to hear from you.  Scroll to the bottom for more about The Hartman Venue weddings.


The Hartman Venue wedding location and Airbnb

First off, I want to say how ideal this venue is; it’s secluded enough that you’ll definitely feel like you’ve escaped to the country, but not so far out that hotels and accommodation are a huge trek.  It’s situated just north of Toronto and the GTA, right beside Newmarket, Ontario.

About the venue:

The owners, Sandra & Alex, will be able to tell you better than I can, they told me the story behind their unique wedding venue, which started as a dilapidated old church.  They hadn’t even seen the place in person before buying it, and entering was deemed unsafe.  They’ve completed renovated and updated the place while keeping unique features which can be seen throughout – mainly in the master suite’s arched and carved out wall – it’s beautiful! The result of their hard work is a perfect blend of traditional and modern.

This place also doubles as an Airbnb, which I love as it’s a great place to get ready the morning of.  It also makes the journey back to bed a quick and painless one.  It’s equipped with a full kitchen – perfect for making brunch the next day with a few of your nearest and dearest.

You’ll love this venue if you:

Seek a unique and adjustable venue, a place to really make your own.  It can be dressed up or left as is dressed down, and will still be remarkably beautiful!  It’s a blend of romantic and relaxed, and perfect for creatives.


  • for a truly unique touch to your day, head directly across the street to the Rose Family Farm where they make fresh poutine with potatoes from their farm. After my visit to the Hartman, I did exactly this and can highly recommend. Walk your guests over – perfect opportunity for candids *wink wink* – or have poutine brought over as canapés after the ceremony!
  • It’s near enough to the city to be accessible yet remote; you’ll definitely feel like you have the place to yourself to enjoy the day and party the night away.  Best bit – it’s also an Airbnb, so it’s only a short walk to bed!
  • Has a beautiful tree-lined garden, perfect for a ceremony and/or reception
  • You have the whole inside to yourself to get ready – you won’t have a rush to be anywhere as the ceremony will be right outside

How would I style the venue?

  • Fresh florals both inside and out – something fragrant!  I’m a sucker for greenery and would go wild with that too
  • String festoon lighting outside with big banquet tables to sit all your favourite people for a candlelit outdoor reception and dinner
  • In the summer I would have a ceremony at 4pm, followed swiftly by a shower of biodegradable confetti and fresh cocktails for you and your guests. (I did this at my own wedding and it was a massive hit; whiskey sours, caipirinhas, piña coladas and a virgin strawberry daiquiri).  Click on each drink for a tasty recipe!
  • Any live band; jazz, punk, string, steel drums (I once photographed a wedding that was a blend of Scottish/Trinidadian and it was amazing. Fresh family-recipe rum punch, steel drum band playing and Caribbean florals everywhere (in a Scottish Castle, this one actually, and it was the most fun and interesting blend!)

One of the things that makes me most excited about this venue is the owners – they’re kind and helpful, but most importantly (to me) is that they’re excited about each wedding they host.  Sandra told me how much effort they put into every single wedding and couple that comes through their doors.  This is so important as many bigger venues over time can treat a wedding as “just another day”.  

Local vendors


The Hartman venue is perfect for small micro weddings and elopements as well as being fantastic for mid-sized days of around 100 guests. If you’re after a relaxed, intimate, fuss-free day then I can’t recommend this place enough. 

As always, if you have any questions, just give me a shout!  I’d love to hear from you!

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