Aberdeen Equine Photographer – Laura + Shazarni Pt.1

Aberdeen Equine Photography

Equine photography will always have a very special place in my heart. Horses were my first love, and after begging my parents to let me start riding at age 7, I could finally indulge in that passion. I started off riding western before turning to English and all I wanted to do was JUMP! I’ve since cooled it on riding when I decided to travel full time, fell in love with a Scotsman and moved to a different country! I enjoy the occasional hack now and again, thanks to Laura and her wonderful Arabs!


I documented a day in the life of Laura and her horse Shazarni as they got ready for a show, competed and came back home, from Stonehaven to Perthshire and back to Stonehaven! It was so much fun to document a truly great day. I loved all the little in-between moments that aren’t often photographed, especially while getting ready. Like people, horses have personalities and quirks, which I think is important to document to have a lifetime of memories to look back on. We chatted, had some laughs and the whole day felt like hanging out with a long-time friend, even though we had just met. I’m always in awe of the hard work that goes into having your horses on-property – the level of dedication and love is incredible, with feedings, turning out, mucking out stalls, filling hay nets, the list goes on.


I’ve learned, though, that if it’s something that you love doing, it doesn’t become work, which is so incredibly true! Also, if it’s something you love doing, then it should be documented. If you’re curious as to what a Day in the Life session, or even an equine lifestyle session, entails, have a look through the blog below and get in touch! I guarantee that we’ll have a lot of laughs and make tons of memories for you to look back on for years and years.

If you’re an avid Arab horse fan, you’ll find images from this day in the Arab Horse Society Magazine 2018 with an article written by Laura Fairbairn on her day spent with me! It’s a fantastic read and will be included in part 2 of this blog!

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