Edinburgh Intimate Lifestyle – Alessandra

I had met Alessandra through a friend, and you know when you meet someone and you instantly click and are on the same page? That’s what it was like with Alessandra; she’s a beautiful person inside and out with a generous heart. She told me that, like most of us in life, she had some body hang-ups but really wanted to embrace this session, no regrets. That’s something that I think I’ll hear often in the business, and while that saddens me, I totally get it. I have body hang-ups, personality hang-ups, style hang-ups, but it’s something that everyone experiences or will experience and that’s okay.

After showing Alessandra her gallery, her response blew me away; it was full of self-love and self-confidence, I couldn’t have asked for a better response. Take a look through her gallery, NSFW as it contains some nudity. Also, aren’t her tattoos to DIE for?!