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Who am I?

A question that could lead to an existential crisis so I’ll stick with a few facts:

  • Born and raised in Canada, but after a long stint of traveling around the world I found my husband and we now live in Aberdeen, Scotland!
  • I won’t get out of bed unless I have a huge mug of tea (I mean, I’ll get out of bed, but I won’t be happy about it)
  • I’m a go-with-the-flow, don’t sweat the small stuff kind of person and I like to bring this into my sessions
  • I religiously cut up any plastic bags/containers or anything that I think could harm animals before I bin/recycle it
  • I grew up in an animal loving household- the dream still remains to buy a farm big enough to rescue any and everything!
  • love good craft beer- Alberta seems to be home to all the best of them! (But if you have good recommendations, do let me know!)
  • I sing renditions of 80’s and 90’s hits while I do the dishes (Backstreet’s Back, anybody?). I’ve got a kick-ass Wayback Playback on my iTunes that I rock out to on long drives

About my style

My style is driven and based on capturing authentic emotions and natural moments in a lifestyle/documentary way. Looking back on old photographs and getting that brilliant feeling of nostalgia is what I strive to give every one of my clients. I want to make friends with you, give you the best experience from start to finish. I want you to feel excited and comfortable to allow me into your relationship so that I can capture the authentic you.


Photo Credit: Emma Lawson Photography